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FlashScape 2: Skills Cape

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After a looong time, I finally decided to make FlashScape 2. It took longer than the last one because there's more backgrounds and I put together some basic actionscript (I'm not great at it). I added subtitles because my voice actor was quiet and I couldn't make the voice any louder. And the sound shouldn't lag like the first one. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

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idd, i have (almost) all skills 99 and everyone always whant 2 see the emotes >_<


at delmor the reson you hate the game is mostlikely you suck at it
on to the review
the grafics are just meh
the sound do i even need to say it?
funnieness fail
would this realy happen? helll no a att cape might have worked better
overall not good 2 for effort

grafics 1/5
funnyness 0/5
sound 0/5

For shazang0

the reason nobody makesa devent flash about this is because RUNESCAPE SUCKS BIG DONKEY ASS

Haha better

I enjoyed this more than the first. I reviewed your first one quite some time ago and am just now watching the 2nd I enjoyed it very much. Love when the guy runs screaming. Also the random segway. Good animation and eh iffy voice acting but still a good submission.

Simply stunning

The best thing since "The True Zezima" was taken off this website. I wish people actually had humor related to real life situations of Runescape the way you introduce it.

I don't care what the few haters have to say, this piece of work gets the okay by National Guard of Runescape as a grand piece of work, and is shared with the community abroad.

Be proud, Deathxcs. You are good at what you do, delivering humor during these boring times at RS.

I reserve 10 stars to piece of work that stand out above and beyond, plus the fact I am one of those whom feel onlya select few earn "perfection" rating. But still the highest I can give, for what it's worth.

Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2007
8:43 AM EDT