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Finally after a month of hard, tireless work this game is complete. A collaboration consisting of KyleDaFox and Baseball151. Baseball151 did the art, KyleDaFox did the coding. So much stress is lifted off of our shoulders now that this game is submitted about one hour and 15 minutes from the deadline. We hope you enjoy it!!!

***Please keep in mind that this game is aimed for children, not adults, around 5-10 years old.***

Review please, tell of any glitches and if you find one, before you vote low just because of a glitch, notify me and I will fix it. Then vote when the glitch has been fixed. That's the fair way to do it.

Have fun while playing this game, we tried to teach kids about healthful choices, service, and other skills so kids not only have fun but maybe they'll learn something.

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this remind me of mario type of games i loved em good job

I actually liked it

Lol first of all 1337 being the secret code was hilarious, i think this is by far the best of all the wiggi games and i hope to see u gguys make more great flashes, i voted five

KyleDaFox responds:

Thanks so much, I'm really happy to see that you enjoyed it:)

Not bad...

Very good art, the gameplay was fun, the different activities were cool so you didn't get bored. I think the kids would like the idea of a town where you go to places and do stuff to earn points (and from my research on the contests page). or wogs. I think it's a good idea and it's one of the better submissions in the contest.

Nice job

It's pretty decent for a kids game. However, I have just a few questions. I know you were trying to give a clue, but isn't having a sign that says "Don't jump on signs!" in the park when you have to jump on the signs to win teaching kids to disobey park laws? And I also thought it was kinda weird how you have to have the guy jump into a large construction pit in the middle of the street. I know it's just a game, but when it's for little kids those are things you might wanna consider. Otherwise it was good. But does that white Wiggi that sits there and says he's just gunna explore a cave ever have a purpose? Also, it's spelled politics.


theres a glitch in the park thing. if you go right all the way or jump or something youll reappear at the left but passing the bycycle path thing, before the X, and youll start falling down in a white void forever :C thats pretty much it. you should put a text at the top of the menu that says "click a location to go" or something cause i took some seconds to find out i had to click :P

KyleDaFox responds:

Ok, I'll see what I can do, thanks for the nice review.

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1.88 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2007
10:50 PM EDT
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