Wiggi Fireman Defense

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Hello. This a wiggi contest entry. I know it's not really that good. It's a simple defense game that kid's could enjoy-no blood, hehe.please vote fairly

-to the guys who entered the wiggi contest and vote zero for all other entries-I don't care about it anymore...

no sound yet, because i was in a hurry to pass this. just a last minute submission, xD

-my new version went insane so i'll just post the old version


I could not get into this. It was just you spraying down flames with a hose. I guess the animation wasn't bad. Yes, I know it's for kids! It just seems like there was little effort put into it. It's just something with no style.

I wish there was music. I guess kids might enjoy it. I can't always use that defense. It's far too bland. I've seen better Wiggi stuff.


I don't want to seem stupid but for the last 3 levels, the fire guys populate on the screen and can't be killed. Is that a glich or is it just meant to make it harder for you? Caus it slows you down and I couldn't even see the score. Maybe it was just me though, sorry if it was. Other then that its a good game. Its a bit boring, needs a bit of spice but its cute and simple.


how did this get on newgrounds?

wtf the fires were going crazy

some of the fires were invincible, and the big fires would apear and dissapear like wtf? i know its a game for kids but even kids know when games have bugs. so i suggest u make a 2.0 for this one


I cant believe i played a game for kiddies! Oh and how come there were like 5 flashing bigass flames!

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3.14 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
9:44 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense