Cryptic Cave: Wiggi-World

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Edit: Oh, and the right click menu has been left unaltered on purpose, because that's a condition of the contest. You cant cheat with it anyway though.

Ever wondered if you could fly a hovercraft and do basic mental arithmetic at the same time? Of course not! But now you can find out anyway =]

This game was designed for the Wiggi World contest to help teach basic mental arithmetic to kids, but as the problems on each level are dynamically generated I realised that it would be easy enough to add two significantly harder game modes so that the game would pose a challenge to the average newgrounds user as well.

General Info:

- Each problem is dynamically generated so that a levels will almost never be the same
- The game has fairly accurate collision-response between the ship and the cave walls (though it's very lax on what counts as actually hitting the walls)
- The music is original, by James Lightfoot (linked)
- The small quantity of artwork is technically original, though i made the main character by heavily modifying one of the contest's example characters in order to keep the art style consistent with that of wiggiworld.

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ohhh ha can i get that girls number

she sunds beautiful

Grat for a wiggi game.

4/5 and 8 stars.
Its only because there are no brakes :(
other than that, great job!


Awesome Wiggi game!

AndrewMartin responds:

Hehe, thanks, i just hope that the judges agree =x

Great Game

I personally think you did a great job on the game. There is only one downside, and that is the craft is a bit hard to control. But still, 10/10

AndrewMartin responds:

Thanks =D

Talented bastard

1. I actually fail at this game so bad. Bloody maths.
2. Stop being good at graphics and stuff, that's MY job >:(
3. Happy birfday :3

AndrewMartin responds:

1. Lulz
2. I fail at graphics, and i know you're secretly laughing at my crappy menu pages >=[
3. THX ^ . ^

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
8:46 PM EDT
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