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Hey Everyone go check out SPRITE TUTORIAL V 2.0 its much much better

Update: I just found out there is a problem with the ng loader it doesnt show it on the loading bar but it will play i will try to fix that... im not sure why its not working i checked it out everythings fine but for some reason it wont work =(

Well This is my first flash and im doin a tutorial =D i just wanted to teach everyone everything i learned so far and hope it goes over good i hope u guys dont blam i worked hard on this and it took about 3 hrs to create so hopefully i can get some decent scores i have to say sorry about the messed up screen shots and all the white stuff there i might come out with a better version with more things and more and better screen shots ..

Please dont send in comments about it being horrible im trying at flash so dont crush my momentum

Well thats it Enjoy

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Ur? Libary?

What are you? A 3rd grader? Seriousley when you make a tutorial you aim to please or at least to help. The problem with this is that its so basic it wont help alot of people. Not only that, but the spelling mistakes and such make it seem like its made by some young kid, so any aspiring flash artist wont even read your tutroial because of it. Poor tutorial.

Fix the preloader

The only problem was the pre-loader. I can't fault anything else.
Great Tut =]

Major bummer

Your preloader didn't work.

Not bad but could have been better.

That would be pretty informative to someone who has just decided to take up sprite animation, but I feel that it could have been better presented. Such as fixing your gramatical errors and making your animation more, well, attractive (although I did like the background music XD) Secondly, you should fix your preloader. The loading bar doesn't work so people actually think that your animation doesn't work, thus resulting in a lower score. And just as a recommendation, at the end of the tutorail, add some sprite sheet sites so that people wont have to search for them themselves.

Just work on those few things and you will be hitting 3.00 scores or higher in no time. Good luck! ^^

crazygamer008 responds:

Wow thanks alot i appreciat e ur review and i will hopefully make a version 2.0 with more stuff and everything fixed lol and yea u gota love the bg music =D i forgot to lock the background layer so it edit it and everything messed up i dont know whats up with my preloader ill look into it Thanks Alot

Meh, it's kay' I guess...

Only if you want to learn how to do sprite animation though. Also if you want to hear DavidKracht's awesome song "Vexeta". :D

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Aug 9, 2007
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