Wiggi Dance Academy

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Arrow Keys: Up, Down, Left and Right dance moves
Space Bar: Jump dance move

For optimum play, try not to have too many windows open, and if you're using the AOL Browser, it's best to watch this using another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. Otherwise the sound may lag at some points throwing you off.

This is my entry to the WiggiWorld Arcade competition. While it's targeted at kids, it also has challenge so that the mainstream NG audience will enjoy it too.
Inspired by the game, Space Channel 5, the aim of the game is to listen closely to your instructor's dance moves, and then repeat them in time to the music when it's your turn, using the Arrow Keys and the Space Bar. PLEASE WATCH THE TUTORIAL BEFORE YOU PLAY!

Much <3 to Kylee (SonicRocksMySocks) for providing swell voiceovers.
Hope you enjoy!

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lol cute

So that was a cute little game you have here, the characters were pretty cute and adorble I like the voices too and made it even more cute then ever, the really fun and cute game you have created here it was simple though and could use more to it to keep it exciting but anyways fun game.

it was simple though and could use more to it to keep it exciting


It's hard to like something that's so much for kids. Still, this was quite fun. The best part was probably how it was in really high spirits. It's just kind of hard to reach an older audience. Wiggi's such a funny word. I am quite good at this.

At least it got harder as it went along. You don't see this site do that many kid's things. I'm glad we can be diverse. The voices are rather cute. You've just done much better things.

who thinks about space channel 5 while they play this?

Not bad. It's almost identical to the dance mini game from the DS game Feel the Magic XY/XX and I'm pretty good at that, so I did well here too. The main problem I had was the players voice. The instructor's voice was in perfect sync with the dance move, but the player voice was about a half-second behind pushing the button. Which threw me off quite a few times.

So cool but a little hard even on easy (or is that just me who sucks?) but it's a great game and fun to play, the music is awesome too, so all in all, AWESOME!!!

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3.65 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
4:45 PM EDT