360° Defence

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-=Responding to all reveiws!!=-


I Have fixed the "anoying" background hope you like it! Now the game is even more enjoyable. Also made some of the fonts white colored with higher contrast.


3 Modes of game play for 360° Defence. Hope you like them.

1.) Normal

Go through 30 waves witha boss at the end. You encouter 10 enimies along the way all of which have diffrent powers from going in visabe to being able to twirl up and down or simply speed. In this mode there is money you acquire to get upgrades to help you fight the hordes of enemies. These upgrades range in lazers or to getting a simple sheild. But at the end beware of the boss, don't underestimate him.

2.) Survival

Got tired of Normal mode? Well then have a go at survival. Last as long as you can to stop the flameballs from hitting your barrier your good to go. With the death count and second counter you can keep trying to get better and better.

3.) Dodge

Think always having to hit stuff is dumb? This time you don't let the monsters hit you. If they do you loose health. And we all know loosing health is bad. Theres a point system you gain a point if a monster hits your barrier, loose a point if you go off the map or get hit by a monster. Even a second counter so you can keep trying to last longer and longer.


This is a pretty neat idea for a defense game, with a both simple and elaborate layout. Simple in shape, elaborate in gameplay. The gradients work well combined with the glow, and the motions are smooth. Nice work!



it was ok,there could be more upgrades,and its kind of easy.and its missing something.Other than that it was good

Very basic but cool

It was simple, but it was kinda cool to play. I like how this game does what others do with the list of upgrades that you can have. It isn't original, but it makes the game funner. Good job man.

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good game

that was a pretty nice game. it was a little simple overall, though it was also a lot of fun to plya and i foun myself playing this one for quite a while. i think that this one could've won an award if it had a bigger challenge, but i liked all of the modes in this one... they were all good.. especially Dodge.


This is definatley a good game. You managed to make a simple game, but then expanded on it by adding more modes and alot more fun. Good job and extra points for creativity there. Although I am more an advacate of SHOWING us how to play the game opposed to explaining it. (Who is really going to read that huge paragraph?) That would add that extra bit, in my books. The graphics in the game werent the best ever, but they did the job in this case very well. Anyway very nice job on the game. Maybe custimizible colors?

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3.43 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
12:40 PM EDT
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