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Space Laser

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This game is kind of slow paced in the beginning, but just keep playing until the later levels (like 10 and up) and it gets to be quite challenging. This is even easier than the original version, but some people said that it was too hard. Please read the instructions before playing. Song is by Benny Benassi and is called Satisfaction.



It was aight.

It was OK, but it could have been better...alot better.

P.S. Hey, It's me. Your brother.

this game sucks

the graphics sucked and its the same generic game play as everything else like this. It doesnt bring anything special with it so it shouldnt even exist. Also you shouldnt make people wait for your games to get interesting. If its not fun until lvl 10 then try getting rid of lvls 1-9.

Could be a lot worse

and that's a compliment. the game was a little tought to look at, but the scripting was decent and gameplay just a little repetitive. kind of a classic style, nothing new, but definitely a good place to start. Keep trying.


This is excellent for your first. Ignore the guy two reviews ago he's just on some sorta rampage by the sounds of it.

Three things: It was rather ugly. This could easily be changed by a little colour coordination and stylizing. Also the music, gah, I hate that song and it's the reason I quit at the start of the 3rd level :/ Thirdly, you have to click on the sides of the buttons to buy stuff, which is odd.

Oh and there are minor glitches on the star symbol. A little black line on the upper right visible only when they pass by rocks or the bar. This could easily be fixed by double clicking into an instance of the symbol and erasing the black line.


Ok for a first.

This is ok for a first game (heck, my first was worse), you should try to improve this before you work on something else. You need to add sound effects. On the first frame of the laser MovieClip add a laser sound. On the frame that asteroids explode add an explosion sound. O, try to make the title screen more attractive, text written with the mouse isn't attractive.

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2.53 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2007
6:56 AM EDT
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