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D4ilytoon # 316

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Todays juggernauts are Ultra pop, Anigen , Jeremy bush, Sinitran and me PowerRangerYELLOW.

I added a little extra bonus to Ultra pop's movie. enjoy.

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Well, that was worth it.

Hmm, how can I possibly get myself around this work of masterful animation? I can't, so let's be realistic.

You've done this for the reaction, which isn't actually why I'm doing this, it's because you requested it on the Review Request Club. Still, I'll try to be subjective.

UltraPop's fight scene was pretty bad, with the stick figures poorly animated and the blood gushing from the open wound being the single most convincing piece of animation in the whole skit. Surely, they would have fallen down though?

Jeremy Bush's part, where some stolen Manga cartoon spins around with some completely inaudible Audio plays on a loop ad nauseum, isn't really worthy of further comment.

Anigen's Star falling down the stairs was the single best piece of animation here, though it was too short. Make it longer, throw a joke in and you're set.

Oliver Reipschlager's piece with spongebob doing some sort of dodgy rap / rock shouting crap wasn't bad, but the audio quality reduced the overall quality.

Sinitran's effort that would be a nice bridge for a 1980s pop video, except for the writing was a decent effort and could be built upon, as a border between the rest of the pieces, for example.

PowerRangerYellow's comic strip started well, but fell apart, as the animation stopped. The music was decent and as the piece progressed to freeze framed comic strip, it was lost on me. Too many cock jokes and a the humour was clearly lost in translation.

[Review Request Club]

Badly animated and not funny

6 short toons that are either poorly animated or only consist of an endless and not very funny loop. Hardly enough to reach a high score.

Especially Ultra Pop's movie was very poorly made with badly drawn characters and very poor tweens.
I get that this was intentional. The intro promised us some "epic battle" and then we get to see a poorly done movie. But I just didn't find it funny as I think jokes like this are overdone already.

The rest of the movies isn't hardly worth mentioning at all, as there was even less effort put into it. Some random loops with very low quality music to it should go on z0r.de not here.

{ Review Request Club }

4chan would be impressed... I'm not.


This collab consists of a bunch of extremely short segments that are tweened poorly, lampooning cartoons which have been parodied a billion times before in better ways.

The majority of these cartoons are so bad that I don't want to do a cerebral discharge on them, since it's apparent they have been created solely for shits and giggles.

That said the star falling down the stairs wasn't poorly animated, and the spongebob thing was kinda cool and fluid.

It's always a bad sign when even the collab menu is poorly designed.
Work on everything and you'll have a better finished product.

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

i got a kick out of this.

i try to make it a habit to watch every day's dailytoon, and today's was especially fun. i liked Power Ranger YELLOW's movie best, and ultra pop's stick flash that probably had nothing to do with naruto had a neat little bonus which i liked.
good work everyone. i like how Yellow's movies don't rely on overly elaborate intros or fancy shmancy menus and just lets the movies speak for themselves, even if the message isn't always what people want to hear.


I gave it a really good score this time because Jeremy Bush used music from the band "Maximum the Hormone" who made that song for the DeathNote Anime Intro.