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This is a movie i made for my website.
It features an outline-figure doing some karate-moves and
one of the higher wado-ryu kata's : Niseishi.
(a movie of this kata preformed by a japanese master can be found on youtube,
look for 'Niseishi Fukazawa').

The moves aren't any spectacular 'tricking' moves, just your basic karate moves.
This movie took me about a week to make , since it was very hard work.
I used a few songs to make it less boring for people not verry intereseted in karate.
The songs used were:

Eye of the tiger - Survivor
Go! - Naruto 4th opening theme

For those martial artists who watch this movie: this is the wadu-ryu style karate,
and the kata is a variation of the ancient Niseishi-kata.

The movie itself is about 1000+ frames alltogether (in different movieclips).
Filesize is 2.278 kb (around 2 Mb).
I finaly resolved some issues with the sound, and a problem with the navigation menu.
Now that everything is working, this movie is up for your judgement.

I welcome all of your reviews, even the bad ones as long as it's constructive critisism.

I had a lot of fun making this movie,
and I hope you guys will have fun watching it.

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HAd potential

It was cool that you could see the shape of a human performing techniques but during the techniques, you cant see where their arms are positioned or stuff like that. You cant see what they were trying to do. Still, I give 5/5 for the effort.

I may not know this one but it looks good!

I myself do Mujushin Karate which often involves pinan katas.
Graphics: It would be nice to see the full movement, some of the arm details are missing.
Sound: Eye of the tiger. Music from a classic movie.
Interactivity: Pause feature to look in detail at certain moves.
Style: Wado-Ryu
Overall: Nice to see things like this from time to time.

Seth-Stijn responds:

I have decided that for the next movie i'll make, which will probably be
a fighting movie with a storyline and some naruto action for the naruto collection,
I shall draw the arms of the characters showing al of the time, so that the movements become clearer.

Not bad.

I've been taking Shotokan Karate for 7 years now -- I'm a shodan black belt, going nidan this year.

I have to say that you have a lot of things going right, but the guy doing the movements REALLY needs to be changed -- otherwise none of your audience will know what the hell is going on.

The kata, even though you say it's "Niseishi" looks so familar to a kata I know now -- and looking it up -- it is extremely similar to the Shotokan Kata that I had in mind: "Niju shiho." Just two different style variants of it, I assume.

Very cool flash animation, and I wish you the best.

Seth-Stijn responds:

Shotokan and Wado-tyu karate are similar in a lot af kata.
Your 'ipon' is called 'bassai' in wado, and so on.
Therefor a lot of kata might seem alike, remeber, all these different styles are just personal
interpretations in style grand-masters made centuries ago.

A lot of people have told me to shift the point of view during the kata, and i will keep this in mind
whilest making future movies.

Thank you for commenting,
it's nice to have fellow martial artist judging this animation.


Here's my move, Listen! Kon-Shu..........(*Electric coming from fist*) PAOTTOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*Releases Lighting punch and Brings an Electric Shockwave*) Cool, Huh!

Seth-Stijn responds:

Kon-shu, eh?
Might even use that in the full-length movie!
thenx for the idea.
What colour would that shockwave be?

good :/

its was ok but i couldnt really see what the guy was actually doing very well

Seth-Stijn responds:

If I make the sequel (which will probably be full length),
I will try to fix that and accentuate the movements more.

Thank you for your comment.

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3.20 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2007
8:48 AM EDT
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