The Art Of Sticks

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Author Comments

I wanted to get back into the animating mood so i gathered my friends and we made this AWESOME collab about stickmans!
Our collab is finished after almost 2 weeks of work(actually 2 days but we dalayed and dragged alot)!
We know its short but bear with it , its just a warm up!

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Good animatiion, not the best stick movie I;ve ever seen, but it's still pretty good.

Good animation

good animation but i dont really like the whole stickk concept. it gets boring ater a while ya kno

Its alright

You guys copied "The Art of Animation" from Fluidanims. But, thats ok I guess. That was pretty decent, you guys have potential. Just keep practicing, especially the movements. You guys could have done better if you didn't do a collab, working by yourself would give you more time to practice and improve your skills.

Room for improvement.

The sticks could use more animation. And speed blurring. When something flies they pratically disappear without a trace.

A warm up..

It was okay for a warmup. The music was catchy but damn it seemed like each person only made 5 seconds worth of animation. Its not much of a collab because its so short.

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2007
7:32 AM EDT
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