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"Ashkinscrip 3.0"

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*EDIT* Fixed T-shirt display collection so that all links open in a new window. Fixed FrostedMuffins' link.

Hi there! It's been roughly a week since Tom and the rest of the NG crew arrived back from Comic-Con in San Diego, so I thought I'd do a little parody of our beloved friend EggfordTheEgg. I wanted this to be light-hearted and fun, though, so that no feelings are hurt. It's more of a tribute than anything else.

Quite a few people that actually attended Comic-Con in real life make an appearance in this movie. I apologize if you went but aren't in it; I just can't possibly fit everyone in one Flash! :P There are also a couple of easter eggs in here too, in the T-shirt display collection page. You must roll over something with your mouse to trigger a button, then click on the button before it fades...

So, enjoy, and have a happy Luis Day.

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I was there... it was VERY accurate. And you used my YTMND of tom getting assaulted, too! HAWT!

Ha, Just Perfect!

I just watched that video today, and even I was embarrassed to watch that guy put his hand out and go "yo Tom" and yell into the camera... I knew there would be something like this, and of course its by a flash forum reg.

Nice job.

i accept

afro ninja watch out


That was funny and all but I hope he doesn't feel bad or anything if he see's it...

Kart-Man responds:

I recently learned that this kid who I made a video of was also the victim of Canas' awesome prank back in 2006. You can find it by searching up "The Chronicles: A Newb's Tale" in the forum search bar. I figure, if he's able to forgive Canas for that, this won't be a problem at all. Plus, I'm not really trying to hurt the kid, as stated in my commentary.

Thanks for the 5! :)

whats new pussykat

ahaha i dunno how i missed this. im favoriting.

Kart-Man responds:

Why, thank you Luis! :)