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Bushy's Cleanup Crusade

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My submission for the Wiggi World contest. A game about a plant-based life-form named "Bushy" who takes on the task of picking up the litter in the park he calls home, left by school-children on field-trip.

Use Bushy's "green-thumb" powers to navigate the cliffs and water-ways of the park, and help him avoid his enemies. Earn more powers as you reach new levels. And pounce on some un-suspecting goats.

Edit: Added a couple of things. First off, the upgraded recharge rate should now allow for a lot more room for error when utilizing the seed powers. there is also now a tutorial that you can take to help you understand the game mechanics before being thrown into the action. Also a couple bugs (# lives displayed from level to level, and taking back control of character using mouse) and spelling error corrected.

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its addictiv

Quite impressive

Its really good. I like the fact that the child or player,whatever, comes up against puzzles that they have to figure out which seed is the best and they aren't told. I like the graphics and the style. All in all its really good. Simple but challenging in its own right. Good premise for it too. Congrats.

Its a great game

I just can't get past lvl 3 could you please help me with that?
I love the good wigi games

smokinjoeevil responds:

You'll probably be disappointed when you do get past it... 'cause its the last level.

At any rate, you obviously need to use the catapult leaf to get from mountain-top to mountain-top in several situations. General advice would be to make sure you throw the seed for it so that it lands as close to the ledge as possible. It doesn't have to be all the way out, but the closer you get, the more landing area you're going to have on the other side. Also, the last jump you need to make with the catapult will land you straight into a set of platforms with enemies on them both. So, if you have troubel with this jump, make sure you throw the catapult, then switch to the capturing vines' seed before you actually make the jump. You can throw the seed in mid-air to try and get it on the enemy's platform and snag them up before they get you after you land. Other than that, the rest of the level shouldn't require anything more than the standard flower and bridge seeds.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Great game

I really hope u win the contest!!! i must have problems i like these games and im 12

smokinjoeevil responds:

Problems?! I like these games, and I'm 29! Thanks for the review...

nice game

thanks for the reveiw.
I actually played your game when it came out, and liked it. I was going to reveiw yours, and then my FL studio I ha open desided to have one of its fail with an OS something. anywho.

game is fun, animation is good. except for the buss dropping off the garbage, that slow and unanimated clip. after that, everything is awesome and fun to play. Sometimes I had confusion with where seeds could land and stuff, but I got used to it after a bit. Garbage cleaning up idea was great, wish I thought of it.
oh, and the teeth on your guy scares me, but i guess its all good.

good luck on the competition too, your game is the only real one that seems worth anything so far. I dont like the other ones that have high ratings, they are too lame and get boring too fast