Batman Level2

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Level 2 of Batman on the ol' Sinclair Spectrum! I'll be finishing of my Robocop series very soon so don't fret.
In this level you're suposed to use the bat-rope to swing the batmobile around corners but sometimes it's easier to simply skid.
REVIEW SUGGESTION: "Why would I want to see you play this shit old game when Mummy has just bought me a PS3?"

The music is pretty cool on this level.
Let's do this!....

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a difrent level would be nice

a level where u are not turning over and over again would be more entertaning. oh and why would I want to see you play this s##t old game when mummy has just bought me a ps3

robocop 4 would be sweet

HandsomeWarrior responds:

I've just put up level 1 which is a bit less repetetive. Thanks for reviewing and thanks for saying something nice about Robocop!

I love these types of movies.

I always get frustrated when I almost always die in old videogames, I always wondered if someday that people would successfully beat a game and I could just watch.

And about Robocop, I love the series of movies, I wish that someday I could see a Robocop movie in theaters. I would go see a new Robocop movie over and over again to help box office. I think with the technology now and special effects and a good sized budget that a robocop movie after so long could make big money.

HandsomeWarrior responds:

Wow! Thanks a lot mate! Your support is greatly appreciated!
And I'm glad you like watching the old classics being beaten by yours truly. I'll be putting up some more in the coming weeks!
I'll also be lobbying MGM with the help of a couple of mates before Christmas. Fingers crossed!



HandsomeWarrior responds:

It was only that way on the 8-bits because of lack of memory. On the gigantic 16-bits (Amiga and Atari) the level was a typical 3rd person racer from behind.
But I like the clever way they got around it. Lack of memory didn't equate to lack of imagination on behalf of the programmers.
What ever happened to Ocean software?

that wuz weird...

i wasn't bad but i didn't like it...

HandsomeWarrior responds:

You didn't like it but gave me a 10 anyway? Please review everything I've ever done!


Nice one i lol'd Keep it up!

HandsomeWarrior responds:

Thanx! I'll probably stick a few more up.

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3.20 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2007
6:22 AM EDT
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