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End of Time (preview)

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Im expecting this to be done by Late August or med September. No permanant charecters have been introduced yet. But by the end of the week (starting tomarro) I hope to have around 600-1,200 frames.
Im hoping to get another preview up around 1,500 frames. When the action starts to unfold. Im always open for plot suggestions. Basically anything that would happen OUTSIDE of the main story-line. Ya know,
to let the viewers into the animation a bit.

Im not THE best animator, but I've been doing pivot 5-7 months now and Im really good with it, so hopefully I can pick up on Flash and be just as good as I am with pivot. Enjoy this preview.

ahh, I fogot the pre-loader. Now the sound effects are outta sync

to respond to the reviews
None of this was Pivot. It's not really meant to be understood, rather than it's just a fight scene. Tomarro and throughout the week, im going to be working on it. Spoiler below.

Spoiler- You will see one of the guys in the audience (audience incomplete) get mad, and leave. During that sequence, you find out he was watching a movie, at a movie theater.He goes home and blabs to his wife about how much it sucked.
I want it to be realistic. I want people to get the idea that it's just an ordinary guy, livin an ordinary life. Until events in the future change his life. I don't want viewers to get the idea that he was expecting these events to happen.



of course a preview will only show a tiny part. give it some tlc and it'll be good stuff

Good but..

i have no idea what's going on,i like the action but i just don't get it

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please no previews

it looks good with the pivot work i wasnt sure it even began at the end or sure that it ever ended what was going on?

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cool fight scene thingy...didn't really get it...so i assume thats why it says "preview"....u got some potential....just keep at it

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2.33 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2007
11:50 PM EDT
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