TLC - Episode 13

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"Wee! True Hollywood Tales - Opknikk Flerm"

NOTE: If you haven't ever watched any of the Twisted Little Creatures cartoons, I'd suggest watching them. It may help you get associated with the character's roles.

I finished this cartoon over a year ago, but never submitted it because in it, I introduced another character. I wanted to dedicate an episode to her introduction, but alas, I never got along to it. And since I'm pretty sure this series is done anyways, I figured what the hell.

So here it is, the alledged final episode of Twisted Little Creatures. Enjoy!


Also, I little treat for fans, here's some script that I ended up cutting since I thought it might get taken the wrong way. I'd suggest watching the episode first. It'll make more sense:

Off Screen: And the most controversial change, the five dollar bill...
(Screen has a five dollar bill with a speech bubble reading "My opinions on slavery were stupid!")
Off Screen: ...which has Mr. Lincoln saying that his opinions on slavery were a mistake. Opknikk Flerm recently had a press meeting to clear up this controversy...
(OF is behind a podium)
OF: It has come to my attention that some of you were offended by my edit on the five dollar bill...well let me assure you, it is not how you see it. What I meant by that was ALL people should be able to be my slaves, not just one race! Equality, my friends! Equality!
(Everyone applauses-screen freezes)


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Really Funny

Who would have guessed you cant eat candy land peices

Not Bad

I like it. It was ok even the blue guy blew up the building


Definatly the best episode in this series so far. The graphics have seen a lot of improvement since the first episode, smooth animation and a good concept as always, hope you keep making this! keep it up!


HandsomeJake responds:

I appreciate that you appreciate me! PM TOM!!!! I'd be a little more inspired to continue this if he would make it a series!

*smart-ass comment*

here is a reveiw bacause you asked nicely.
it was good.
but really random i was sitting watching it and thought...." where does this guy come up with this stuff" even if he is a multi jagillionaire. lol

HandsomeJake responds:

PM Tom and demand this be put in the series collection...but don't be a dick about it.

very nice

that was a very nice 13th and.... hopefully not final episode. this is a pretty nice series, so hopefully it can continue onwards, but if not, this was a very nice final episode. it had all the goodies from the rest of the series, very nice to watch and your efforts were very nice.
good work.

HandsomeJake responds:

I just PMed Tom Fulp to see if he'd give me a spot on the series collection. Fingers crossed.

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Aug 2, 2007
3:05 PM EDT
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