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Some stuff I warpped together 'cus I was bored.

1. Jamie and Yaxkis are some friends of mine, so I drew pictures of them. The next day I was bored so I animated it.
2. Wanker is my good friend also ehres his sheezyart:
http://wanker.the.gangste r.sheezyart.com/
Insipered alot by the works of Tom Ska also on sheezyart:
http://tomska.sheezyart.c om/

Vote 5 or I'm eating your babies >:C YOU HEARD ME!



Well it definetly shows the diversity of your friends...two are omega hyper and the other two...well forget about it.

GearType responds:

Thank you, my friends are strange...because of me

it was great

cuz it wasnt a complete waist of time...cuz it was short...but still are u refunding life force spent on watchin this?

GearType responds:

Do not fear I will give you back your 2 minutes spent watching this free of charge.

lacked content.

The art wasn't too bad, nor was the animation quality, but there was absolutely no content. You've got some serious potential as a flash animator and could probably pull off some pretty awsome animations.

GearType responds:

Thank you
Content, the reason for this is I'm lazy and unless I'm SERIOUSLY into somthing it's unlikey that I will continue it.

dude it looks good

thea artwoek is good and the sound is too, just lacking any kind of pulp in this fruit. next time set your mind to it and not just because your bored

GearType responds:

meh, I'm never not bored

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2.33 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2007
3:53 PM EDT
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