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So, this was a little series inspired by Red vs Blue from Rooster Teeth.

This is the preview, which took about 3 days to complete. The actual series will feature more than just me doing the voices for the charaters and so on.

The end credits were cut out for some reason (I could not fix them). So, here are the credits:
Rayg for the HALO sprites
A1 Free sound effects
The People's Sprites
Pompeii - I don't know the artist, but credit to him
I know nothing for the credits song.

To those saying how the lines are a ripe from the true RVB and all that. WRONG!!!
I have well established this was a parody of a parody. And as far as the lines go, that's my stuff. Me and my friends talk like that all the time, and have far since we ever started watching Red vs. Blue.
And I'm not trying to imitate Caboose or any other character. That's how I sound (or I altered the pitch and stuff in audacity)

It doesn't seem to get through. All that was in this 'trailer' or whatever you wish to call it was me. My material, my ideas, my funnies. I stole nothing from Red V Blue.
Amoung my friends, i play the idiot who forgets and shouts out random things. It's been like that since we all got together. So, for the (hopefully) last time, I stole nothing, and only took from my personal experience.

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Red vs Blue Grif

Hey whats up guys? lol I noticed that you dident put my character in the animation lol but its ok. GO RED TEAM!


where u get them sprites


You cockbites need to get with the program. He's not copying Caboose. He's not using Red vs. Blue material. This is just a tribute/parody of Red vs. Blue. The material is all written and voiced by Toa and his friends.

I happen to like this. It is fantastic. Made of epic and win.


i liked it but u need to have diffrent ideas than red vs blue and dont use caboose's voce think of your oun stuff

red vs blue

i love red vs blue! make more!!!!!!

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Jul 31, 2007
4:31 PM EDT
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