R.T.S. : Late Night Shift

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Yes I know it's a short one, but I hope it would make a smile on some faces! Before watching (and voting on) my movie, there's one thing you need to know: I'm from Holland! So that explains the bad voice-acting and this crappy written commentary!
One thing I'm proud about is the sound in this one. It took me a lot of time (one complete day :O ) to get the right samples. I've also put some surround sound in it! Whoop whoop!

Anyway, this is my third project (the 1st one got blammed due to a lack of quality) and I hope you like it!

...and please notify me when the voices aren't clearly understandable, because as a non-English/American speaking person I can't judge that!

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I agree with...

...the guy below me. It wasn't quite clear what was going on. But the unique art style made up for my confusion. You got a lot of talent kid.

Pyrowman responds:

Gee, I'm almost responding to anyone...!
Anyway, thank you for your compliment, it really means a lot to me! This week (maybe today already) I will work on a second part, and I will make it more clear. But, again, thanks!

Gave me a giggle

The only thing I could really suggest would be make it a little bit clearer as to what was happening ie. that the fridge light had blinded him. It could just be I'm slow, but it wasn't clear untill I had a think about it. Having said that, nice work!

Pyrowman responds:

Hmm, yeah... I was kinda struggling with that. I tried some things, like a lightbeam coming from the fridge, but it didn't look the way I hoped it to... Ah well, I hope I have more luck in the next one!

Quite Good With Some Potential Reaking from it.

Your animation was reasonable. You need to work on walking animations as one of his legs was trailing higher than the other. Also don't take the easy way out of door opening and closing animations. Animate them fully opening; it looks a great deal better.
Next time make it longer and funnier. I see the joke was that the fridge light out of everything got him noticed. Make up something much more funny. Such as . . Well im not going to tell you as I may make it into a movie ^_^
You have great potential.

Pyrowman responds:

Well, the actual joke was that the fridge light blinded him, since he was wearing night vision goggles. And when intensive light shines in your eyes while wearing it, it hurts your eyes badly... I was affraid not everyone would understand that. Like Tiewaz said (he responded after you) it's not really clear.
But anyway, thanks for the credits...


I thought it was funny how you made him look like the guy from splinter cell.

Pyrowman responds:

He IS the guy from Splinter Cell!
My plan was to make Real Time Stupidity a kind of game-parody series.
I only hope that I'll stay original enough...


i liked it, don't worry about the english in your movie, it's fine, altough i clearly recognize a dutch flaw in it. maybe it's because i AM a duth-tounge. maybe you should make something bigger next time.

Pyrowman responds:

The next one will be longer, dat beloof ik!

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3.50 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2007
3:44 PM EDT
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