WiggiWorld Bacteria Bash

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UPDATE 09/08/2007 : I have taken notice of some of the feedback in the reviews and have added powerups and an extra music track. Thanks to those who left their valuable feedback!


Here is my entry for the Wiggi World contest! It took longer than I had hoped, but being my first flash game EVER, it was a great learning experience.

Controls: Arrow keys or W,A,D to control your ship.
Hit the bacteria with your syringe, don't let them hit your glass window.
Once you've injected them, you need to collect them! If you leave them too long they will grow resistant to your antibiotics and revive, stronger and faster.

This game is for children, so I tried to keep the difficulty level relatively low. Hopefully it will still provide a fun arcade diversion to those more accomplished gamers.

The Exit button does not work as it will be used within the WiggiWorld framework.



It's fun, but, and I may have missed it if there is one, but how about a pause button? Also, may we PLEASE have more than one life? Having to start over just because you got three hits isn't really fair. Especially since sometimes he would bounce off of something with such force, that he flies into the acid too fast for you to stop and your ship could be damaged that way. It's hard to nail a five hit combo because he bounces off everything so hard, you may be forced to land after injecting one. ..... Either way, enjoyable game, but please make it so you have lives, or like, your dome heals when you enter a new organ. Yes, I know I'm terrible at video games, but please add more lives, pleeeease

ouch... i suck!!!

great game... i suck!

well done

Good work, pretty fun game- especially as a first flash game! Good luck with future projects!

ecks dee

I like how child-friendly it presents itself as, but then when you die the screen fills up with blood. XD Perhaps allow it so the mouse controls the location of the syringe? That would improve the game.

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Ten0101 responds:

Just a note, the blood is not meant to signify the Wiggi bleeding out or anything gory. He is inside the body of a patient, so of course there's going to be some blood, and it's meant to signify him being washed out of the body. Perhaps I should have made that clearer though :)

Nice work

this is a great job for your first try. the only thing i would say to work on is the health bar alittle bit, its not bad, but maybe it just needs more style. great work though.

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Jul 31, 2007
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