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Paper Luigi pt. 1

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**TAP SPACEBAR TO CONTINUE TEXT** I said tap it, not hold it down.

Plz watch the whole thing before voting.

I would really like some reveiws. I will respond to all of them. I want to know what to make better in the next one.

Well here is my flash, i hope you like it. it helps if you played paper mario, but you still can understand it if you haven't played it.

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is there going to be paper luigi 2?


Can't wait for the second one. When he brought out the bigass mushroom i was like "how's he gonna eat all that?" and then he started growing, and he kept growing. AND HE KEPT GROWING! I was waiting for him to stop but not waiting in a bad way i was waiting in anticipation.


But how do you actionscript the text?
Please PM me


its cool like paper mario

Sprite needs to be smoothend more

As it's geting bigger customize it to make it look less blocky. Yes it is possible.