Shy Guys [OLD]

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upcoming. whatev.


Ha Ha

Great. So funny and it was alright animation the sync was bad.

Ronscoe responds:

I know the sync is bad... I suck at it.


As everyone else says... lots of potential... though i myself didnt find it funny, i still thought it was really good... i only noticed one part though, dunno if it was just my comp, or it was the flash but the sync was off only at one part where the guy was talking about him bringing the fam. or somethin... but i do think this could become something awesome as hell if it gets a lot of effort put into it... good luck bro ;)

Ronscoe responds:

the sync was bad. And thanks, this only took like me like an hour, so it' definately going to end up like crap in that time limit. And the fact that it deleted itself three times kind of made me want to get it overwith.


This series has so much potentail the voices are great the jokes are funny :[] this could turn into a great series. Just work hard and put all your effort into it and this will be in the top 20 series on the site. keep it up

Ronscoe responds:

wow. that's the nicest comment yet.

i like it

7, dude you got potential. keep on workin, you can make some good comedy you keep this up.

Ronscoe responds:


i give it a 10

i give it a ten cz i can c it can get alot better all u need to do is add more jokes and make it bit longer

Ronscoe responds:

I'll get right on that...

when i get flash back in a month...

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1.83 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2007
6:43 PM EDT
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