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Hippie Pong 3

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I've been working very hard on (and getting very confused about) this game for days, but finally, it's here. Version 3 includes 2player mode, 5 difficulty levels, a more attractive layout and interface and an integrated music player with 5 new music tracks. Hope you enjoy it folks!

By the way, this is my final installment of Hippie Pong. I want to move on to make more original games and I am going to make some flash tutorials to help out people who are just starting out in flash like I was before I made the Hippie Pong series (because this was my first flash project).

Special thanks to Matt Steele or 'Streetproject' as he's known here on Newgrounds for helping me out with the music controls (nice one Matt!).

Please wait while the game loads, it has a massive file size due to the music and it might take a minute or two so be patient!

Please post any bugs or anything that i could improve on. I will try and respond to all reviews!

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Jim, Jim,J im...

I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be disrespe'in' hippie pong 3, because ash could release incriminating video evidence of you...

Ash4792 responds:


and yes... i do have video evidence of a certain 'buttsecks' incident involving jimothy258...

ummmmm i dont like pong

but ill still give u an 8 good job

Ash4792 responds:

thanks, still i dunno how you cant love pong, everyone loves pong! =]


Well it was better than the other two, way better. The difficulties were well thought out, there was one glitch though when I bounced the ball back to the computer it went past the paddle while it was near it, and the ball ended up behind it and the ball got stuck in the computers panel for about 10 seconds D:. And would you stop insulting my abilities in not making flash games. I've come here to review YOUR games, there is no reason for you to say stuff like that, i'm being honest and you should appreciate that so my information can be taken into account next time you make a game.


Ash4792 responds:

yeah but my point is that if you don't have flash, then you don't how hard it is to make games and write actionscript, actionscript is like a whole new language. And I found that bug and I've been working hard to try and fix it, but so far... no dice. And how can I appreciate your reviews if you call me noobsaur and asswipe? Maybe if you just wrote some constructive criticism without the random insults I might actually pay attention to them. :P


it remakes the classic pong. So i really have no beef with ya.

Ash4792 responds:

lol ye it was just a simple project because it was my first ever flash game but i'm not making any more

1 question

Why were there difficulties? Cool music though. Good job overall.

Ash4792 responds:

what do you mean why where there difficulties? so that you can play it easier or harder depending on your skill level