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Balance Balls 2

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Use the left and right arrow keys to balance the red ball. Collect power ups for increased levels of awesome.

PS. theres no high score board, but if you play it on kongregate (http://kongregate.com/ga mes/sarcastro/balance-bal ls-2) you can use thier leader board and see how awesomely you stack up.

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I thought this was a pretty good game. I thought it was interesting how you set everything up. I did not know what kind of powerups were going to show up next. That was pretty interesting. It did get pretty hard and unwinnable at times. It was hard to tell when you were just going to lose.

You thought you could do better with it, but it was just hopeless. I don't recall the original one. It may not have been that well detailed, but it was still pretty cool. I don't know what the spikes do. Oh, I guess they break up other things.

bobby you acted like a total jerk. you said we have no skills in balancing! but... i don't have skills in balancing though. anyway it's tough to me, with the mass increase/decrease and the unbalancing balls

this was so easy!

liked the game got 300 on first try i was so happy cuz you guys gotlower scores no offense but i guess you guys have no skills in balancing

Nice :)

A funny little game. 135 is my highscore.

Though it's impossibly hard after 120. It just rains yellow balls. 5,6 at a time. Impossible to play then.

206 points

w00t!!!! this game is THE BOMB!!!! my 10 stars really stand for a billion gazillion stars!!!