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On the Run: Exchange

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This is a short movie I've worked on for a while. It's like an animated comic book. It may not be the best but it's the first entry in a series which will only get better. I love to draw and make comic books so I took it to the next level with this short movie. It's not supposed to be a live action movie, it's supposed to be a comic book with certain panels coming to life. This was my first flash project ever and the next chapter of On the Run will have improved graphics.

In the next chapter of On the Run, we find out more about the man who is trying to escape and destroy the U.C.D. for good.

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Great Job, I love the comic book style that breaks into the animation. The art is great, and so is the animation. Keep it up and post more.


I really dig the comic book animation style. The graphics were choppy as i guess you know already. It might do some good to slow down the action a bit when multiple windows are showing action. It's a bit hard to understand what's going on so fast.

Great Style!

Great style you have there! I like how you keep the frame idea around from the comic idea. Also the morphing of the UCD agents are pretty cool. One word of wisdom though - Spellcheck. Misspelled words stick out like a sore thumb :(


Not that great. I'll ignore the music, since you asked, but the graphhics aren't very polished (i.e. wavy lines when the should look natural), but a scanner will help solve that (Hand draw on paper, scan and animate. If you don't have one, try the library.)
the story is pretty cool though, and with better graphics it will be a great submission. I look forward to seeing a better remake of this, which i'm willing to bet you already started on. 2/10

good pace

I liked the way the action was spaced, and how it played out. Really want to know what happens next

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4.00 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2007
9:15 PM EDT