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My Creations 6

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Full Title: My Vaccinations (My Creations 6)
Abridged Title: My Creations 6

Well, this is another episode of 'My Creations' brought to you by Frenzy and Element. This one contains two extras, one of them being a list of every Kronzo Productions Character (So Far, Anyway)! Anyway, enjoy!

Music: Making Friends- Lagwagon

NOTE: Sometimes you have to press the 'Stop Sounds' button, and then restart the music if you wish, unless you want to hear 'Dang' repeatedly.


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Well, it's a bio collection

To be honest, it's not really that enjoyable, unless you're getting into the series itself. I think that you've done a good job with the setup - making it look like personnel files that you have on the various characters, you might consider needing to get a little more depth in the descriptions and better images for them, but other than that, it's not bad at all.

I'd suggest that you do something about the Luigi piece, which is just not needed at all. I hope it's only a folly of youth that you've grown out. Perhaps you need to sort something out that stops the sounds from that when you click the back button?

I'd have a selection of music tracks, because there's plenty of music on the Audio Portal that you can use for these types of flash.

[Review Request Club]

Frenzy responds:

Lol Luigi


can we talk bout this?

no i rather not...cuz i couldnt find the game sorry bro low score for me dude....i dont know how to contruct a criticism for u other then.... well there are a lot of how to videos on the flash portal u may want to check em out and then do a little research maybe with a little work, you can have these characters do, stuff. and i really did try to find an, "Episode," in this.... but i couldnt sorry

i tried i mean it i did

Frenzy responds:

I have over 45 submissions to the portal, so I really don't think I need to look at any help tutorials, but thanks anyway for the review dude.

not a game

i hate when shit like this is listed as a game, its more like a look at what i can do file. sorry man, ireally have no constructive criticism, but for the people who run this site you should make a new list for things that are neither movies nore really games.

Frenzy responds:

No, it's called a 'Game/Interactive' when you submit it. This is interactive. Thanks for the review.

i dont know

i didnt really understand what this was
besides looking at weird characters
i dont see how this was a game

Frenzy responds:



i dont under stand what to do

Frenzy responds:

You look at the characters.