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Speed - Fight

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Hi this is my second ever animation - I finished it on sunday 22nd July and i've been using flash for only about 2 weeks now so don't expect too much, though a lot of people have said its extremely good for my second ever animation, I would like to see what you people on NG think.

This is basically a simple fight animation with a couple explosions, I do Taekwondo which helped me with movements etc.

Thanks for any support
Thanks for any criticism

Please comment!! Thanks!

Music = Bodies [xXx Soundtrack] - Drowning Pool

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This is much better than my second animation :D
You rule!


for such a small amount of work days you did a wonderful job i liked the flash verry much and the guy who gave it a 1 doesn't know how to grade... its should be based on how good the flash its self if not on how much you liked it over all i gave it an 8 because i thought the music sucked :D

good work

Miren2k responds:

haha! thanks man, yea looking back on it the only thing that bugs me now is the music =P but dont worry my future fights will have some kickass fight music with high powerd tempos =P


i ad this 2 my favS, Y0!! tAke dAt, jinRoh!! stupid muthafuka......

Miren2k responds:

haha thanks man :)


Not original at all. Unless you want to say Xiao Xiao and Drgonball Z are your ideas.

Miren2k responds:

easy there...

i started this like 3 days after i got flash and started learning... i like fighting and i liked dbz in my youth and i like action so i thought il just make something il like at first - this is just a noob animation, i wasnt trying to make a profesional release it was only to help learn.. just so happend to be fairly popular and a lot of people enjoyed it on sfdt so i put it on ng as well (where a lot of people also liked it) - which im very happy about!

if you want to see more original work, look at my other stuff which comes from ideas i thought of with maybe a little bit of influence from other people and things :)


ive now seen all the animations you maked and there where all reall good, i wait for more :P

Miren2k responds:

thank you ^_^