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First Person Killer

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This is my first FPS,I spent a while on it so I hope It can make it on this website.
I hope you like it although it is kind of hard.I just realized that there is a glitch at the end where you mouse doesn't show up.

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think about the laptop owners!


Needs variation

That flash could have been good but there was no variation in character deaths, the levels looked very... bland. (Look at someone like krinkels for ideas for adding fun to the levels. He adds posters and stuff that look funny.)

I made a minigun out of the pistol, what with the lack of reloading and infinitely fast firing. I think that if you could find out how to give the enemies a rudimentary ai system or just make them move, then it'd feel better. Add a few surprises like a ninja coming out of a vent and it could be incredible. I appreciate it is your first flash but keep up the work and you could be the next great newgroundser.


Unlimited ammo, shoots as fast as you can click (I got it to sound more like a machine gun then a glock), and no need to reload... That is something you need to improve.
Also, for such a simple game, it seemed a little laggy at times (maybe because I was clicking about 20 times a second most of the time).

The best feature to add in order to make ANY FPS better, is a little bit of variation in death. If I shoot them in the stomach they should die differently then if I shoot them in the head. You know what I mean?
If you are really serious about making an awesome FPS, you would be wise to add something like; hold the space key to duck behind cover. Then you can make it impossible to beat unless you use that feature at least a little bit (for example, when you need to reload right as 6 guys are coming in through the door).


It was okay. Pretty easy, and it felt more like "Wack-a-mole" than it did an FPS. But I understand that it was your first FPS game, so I'm sure with time, you'll be making the next big flash hit!

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2.56 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2007
8:14 PM EDT