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Hippie Pong 2

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I know, this is alot sooner than I anticipated. I've basically just added a mouse control option with the same difficulty levels. Please leave a review, I will try and respond to all of them.

Hope you enjoy it!

Version 3 is finally here and includes many improvements, so check it out! ;)

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its ok

Glad you liked my song enough to use it
nice game, but its not that different from
alot of other pong game .

Ash4792 responds:

yep, well i just wanted to make something very simple for my first game, and your song rocks! sorry i didn't use it in version 3, but i wanted to use smaller songs to keep the file size within the limit.


Well it wasn't bad Ash, but it wasn't really a big improvement to the last game instead of working quicly on a game, why not take some time on it instead of fiddling around with it, some people have worked for over 14 months on their games, and they turn out to become a few of the best games on newgrounds. I know you probably cant be bothered to spend that long on making a game but next time just send abit longer on it..Just for that extra bit of awesome :)

Ash4792 responds:

yeah, except the people who spend months on games aren't making their first ever game, and you can't talk anyway, you haven't even got flash and you don't even know what actionscript IS let alone writing it. And anyway, play version 3 it's better.

Not doing it for me.

For one thing, having the music playing on the first frame (aka the preloader) is not a good idea for obvious reasons. Second of all, as I read in another review, the music gets old really fast. I'm a heavy pot smoker which is what first attracted me to this game, that is when I saw the words "hippie" and "pong" in the same title. I was let down greatly. I wasn't really expecting much, but I was expecting more than this. For one thing, people can't seem to comprehend that making a flash game of Pong on Newgrounds is a total waste of time. People will only look at it once, and for a very short period of time, give it a 2, get their precious protection point, and then forget the game ever existed.

My biggest problem with this however was the paddle. Everybody knows theres only one trick you can pull off in pong, and that would be jerking the paddle in a different direction as soon as the ball touches the paddle. But when I attempted to do this, the ball would go RIGHT THROUGH my paddle!! And the CPU would get a point!

So basically, try something original, but before you do that get some more practice in flash. Good luck with your future projects and I hope when you read this I don't come off as a dick.

Ash4792 responds:

i don't think you're a dick, i like honest people and it helps me out too. wait and see what you think of version 3 i'm gonna jazz it up alot with a 2-player mode, a dynamic music player, customisable options 5 difficulty modes, an animated background and maybe some powerups and i'm gonna make it look alot prettier aswell

great but not amazing

to make it amazing maybe u should put other game modes like battle hippe pong where u shoot to temporaily freeze the other oppenent, 2 player game modes. and also various songs to go along with it and also make a insanely ultra crazy mega hard mode :P but good game dont listen to everyone else

Ash4792 responds:

i was gonna use something like the freeze thing as a powerup in version 3 and i'm definitely going to add a 2-player mode and a dynamic music player or something and i am going to add an insane difficulty mode for all of those that are complaining that it's too easy

not very good

the music gets old fast, and the game is way too easy. i shut out the computer on hard my first run through it. the hard should have been the easy or medium setting, and you should have made a harder setting. the game is just plain unoriginal and too easy.

Ash4792 responds:

well i just wanted to make something simple for my first ever game. maybe in version 3 i'll add an insanely hard difficulty rating for all you peeps who are finding it too easy ;)