CC-Public Apology Fixed

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This is my first True Clock Cartoon on Newgrounds I am not a registered clock and am probably the newest(IDK), Tell me what to improve on!
Chris Walking Clock Apologises but the camera spots him saying something else! I submitted a semi crappy flash a few days ago and I got a message from some one. (I'm not saying I didn't deserve the message but it told me all the clock were going to be banned.) The someone who told me was Shaggytheclown17, this is not against shaggytheclown17 but Chris Walking Clock the Clock not person is purty pissed. I reuploaded the button at the top of the preloader. :)

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I AM GOING to upload it with subtitles incase you can't understand! :)

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Shaggytheclown is a retard

He really is. If he was anymore backward he'd be in the stone age. The most obvious improvement would be to have abused him more but its an instant 10 still for doing so.

Sieg heil der fuhrer Strawberry clock, ich lieber das clock crew!


nice this was funny good job

Pretty decent flash.

However, the message it brings is completely off and contradictory of the Clock way. The Clock Crew doesn't apologize to the Newgrounds people, as we run them and they should be thankful we fill their lives with fun and joy. Secondly, you are not a clock from my knowledge, you might be a member of the CC and if thats the case then that is okay. Thirdly, the voices were a bit maladjusted, you might of wanted to work with em a little. Last of all, and this goes to the idiots out there, be thankful the CC is around, you need us to get your laughs and joy.


ChrisWalkingClock responds:

I know the clocks don't apologize but he doesn't really! Thanks for the advice!

oh my god....

Im giving this a 5 and a 10 strictly because i was mentioned in the flash.
omg i had to wach it a second time jus to make sure wtf was going on, im jus sitting here smoking a cig n i came accross this, i didnt think it was such a big deal blamming a clock flash but u obviously made it that way. thx for the power up to the Famy fans 8D

ChrisWalkingClock responds:

Thanks for reviewing, I didn't realy care about the flash CC-clocpaq that every one blammed !

i personally

think this is overrused. the whole clock crew crap that started this plague of "crew" stuff that copy each other. I thought NG wanted originality yet they accept clones of all the same stuff.

Newgrounds.com, Everything by certain people.

ChrisWalkingClock responds:

The clock crew was the first and they make quality flashes, most of the time!

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2007
11:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Original