Food Wars

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The Story of how General Side Order starts his quest to save the Hamburger Alliance from unstoppable forces of the Mozzarella Empire!

About the Movie:
This would be my first movie with voice acting I've ever made. Everything in the movie was put together by me, the "jspic." I'm proud of this movie because I've been waiting to create it for awhile and after a lot of editing, I was able to submit it to New Grounds, although it has been on Youtube in low quality .avi form for atleast a couple weeks now.

For those who have already seen this:
I fixed the major errors the movie had when I originally posted it with the lag in sound. The movie is fine if the audio lag ruined it for you last time.

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lmao, best Star Wars parody ever! :D I miss simple stuff like this, taking a regular series and just switching out the theme completely with something completely random. The plot is great, but the graphics... well they could be a bit more refined! As in, no Pivot sticks but actual characters! How about a renovated version of this classic? Keep it up!


I Like It

I Like This video is so funny is make me hurry ^^ Please Can You Make Part 2 For Me Please ^^ You Video Is The Best Video You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is So So Funny ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I Doubted Your Work

You Know That Was Funny. And The Thing Is I Did Get Hungary. The Mario Parody Was Good. And The Cream Cheese Gag Was Outstanding. And When The Commander Side Order Asked The Guy For Help And His Head Just Blew Off, I Pissed My Pants. You Aren't Blamed Here. I'll Give you A 3/5 On The Rating Of Blam To Woot.

not bad one

well, your efforts were alright in this one, but i think that some more couldve been done for this animation. it had a nice and somewhat original concept behind it, but i think that it needed some better graphics and a bit more depth in the storyline. it was alright to watch, but i think that it just needed some more.

haha loved it!!!

For me it was very funny but for most people this will be rubbish, i loved the story but at the end it started to get boring so try to make it shorter, if people in here were trying to watch tv well... i guess they will just turn on their tv so keep it short, this is not a marathon, but apart from that i liked it so keep doing more stuff or i will put a bounty on you head, now i just don't know what else to tell you so... bye.
I hope you find my comment funny.

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2.75 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2007
11:07 PM EDT
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