The War (Part 1)

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The War (Part 1): The Teams Are Set

This Battle Takes place where our heroes Battle against Monarch, who is a very wicked man who is after Kronzo. a strange Green Y with hands.

Kronzo tells his elite council his plan of attack, watch how it unfolds

Note: You can watch the "My Creations" series if you would like to read about the characters


sorry bout b4....

ill give it a 10 cuz it was actually prety good..

... ok?

Learn to compress your music. 5KB for only 1 song and a couple of SFX's... there's tools out there to help you compress and select certain music properties for flash animation. Try Audasity, FL or Acid Studio.

The animation showed weakness, following the simplistic circle and 2 arms movement, it allowed you to move characters without showing any real detail, which is why the score is so low.

Along with this, I'm aware you're both following the simple kill people for no or poorly excerised reason. Think of a REAL plot, it doesn't always need to be around pointless voilence... make it realistic for once, people don't just kill for no reason in these enviorments.

Try harder, much harder.


That wasa good flash. I see a lot of potential for it. However, try putting music in while the flash is happenening, but not like heavy metal or anything like that. The graphics weren't bad and I liekd the extras. Overall, a pretty good flash.


The animation insnt good. it has no sound. you have to click stuff, and it doesnt have a pre-loader. It could be WAY better.

Element responds:

wow, an actual proper review. thankyou.

uh well...

it was kinda blan and didnt have any sounds it had a stoy but was boring ry and make it where you can keep the viewers attention more

Element responds:

Meh, this isnt really my best anyways, this movie was kind of self-indulgent to a series i made a long time ago.

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2.47 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2007
3:15 PM EDT
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