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Newgrounds: Old to New

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*UPDATE* 08/10/07
- Fixed the "B/P RANKS" button and is now accessible

*UPDATE* 07/24/07
- I fixed the "angry faic!!" button to be clickable instead of hovering over the button because it was pissing people off :P

Hello all. This is noting too special. I just thought about making a small Newgrounds flash that looks at the many layouts Newgrounds used and levels, etc. from the beginning of NG back in 1996, to the Redesign in 2007. I will admit, this is not all that great, but it gives users a look at the changes that took place.


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The different selections could all use some layout tweaks, every thing's not centered, some different content types seem just be placed randomly in blocks... and it would be nice with ability to zoom in on layout images, or open as separate file, but all in all it's a great way to track back to the old NG. How about a new version with the newest layout images as well? Keep it going!



i am a NG users form june of 2009,
and I would never imagine as the years saw before, and now I realize that newgrounds is a legacy, and all thanks to you!

What an old things...

Now Newgrounds is in the future!

How things changed...

Newgrounds used to be better before the shitty redesign.
Anyways, good flash, it's awesome.
Great job.

so thats the old newgrounds

was cool but i didnt reconize that my sound systym was and i got freaked out at angri face i like it

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3.55 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2007
10:08 AM EDT