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I'm not sure how much people apreciate proper songs, which is why this is the last time I'm useing one, next time I'll be useing small music loops to lower the file size.
Well, no sounds, just one huge music file. Also, I like you to know that this was originally meant to be voice acted, as a phew people sugested; however things didn't go so well, and I sound too young for Heavyclone(Me=14, Heavyclone=22), also, I don't know a good format, the file sizes I had was huge, so any sugestions on that would be nice.

Hope you enjoy it anyhow.

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YES! YES! YES! That was amazingly good! music went great with it, new animations are kickass, BRILLIANT!

Lifes-a-Bitch responds:

Thanks, the next animation the guns you made are finally introduced :D

Ok, it was good, but...

You seriously need to optimise audio. Look, here's an explaination. In flash, go to "FIle -> Publish Settings -> Flash Tab" Then under the "Audio Steam" and "Audio event" tabs, click "Set" and change these both to 48kbps. This is the lowest you can go without seriously reducing the quality. Then, when you publish this file again, it should be at least 3mb smaller.

Anyway, It was an OK, flash, you still need to do some work on backgrounds and characters, and maybe some effects too, but hey, not bad.

Lifes-a-Bitch responds:

Ok, there was a problem with what you just said. Audio stream was at 48kbps, and audio event was at 16kbps. Please, next time you make a comment on something I don't tell people, say... the kbps of the sound quiality, try thinking it through weather or not it'll make you look stupid. Ok?


Good choice of music, good animation, in the next one they should get weapons other than just the claws!

Lifes-a-Bitch responds:

They do have other weapons, just they wernt planned to be used in this fight. Check previous (And crapper) episodes to see some guns and a sword :D Original huh? Nah, weapons are overused (Although I will use them), claws arn't used as much.


Sorry but I can't ear the music more than 30 sec.
Maybe the animation is too slow, you should do faster moves.

Lifes-a-Bitch responds:

I watched it after I put on NG and yes, it was moveing slow, but the music lasted all the way through. I don't know what went on there O.o

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2.75 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2007
6:02 AM EDT
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