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Monkey Island Flash Movie

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-- EDIT --

Oh my goshness, it's on front page! Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the words and reviews and stuff! THANKS!
I hope to make some more movies, too!
Now, let's see where to find time, hmmm...


This is a german production. So, thats why everything sound lang German/English.
I gave my best, hope you enjoy and understand.

The german version is here: http://www.majusarts.de/f ilm/monkey

Have a funny day!

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I've never played any of the Monkey Island games. I'm still pretty familiar with them, though. I love seeing this animation. Everything is just so wonderfully fast paced. It reminded me of the "In A Nutshell" series. There should be more of those.

I guess it's just a meme that died out. I guess this was a fast paced summary. I know at least some of the mythology. Given how popular video games in general are, I could understand it. I just liked the gags.

Oh man, this loaded too fast, and then it just skips right to the menu! Wondered how long the main characters kept going on that introduction screen? :P As for the movie itself, it just goes on and on! Fast, funny and intense. The voice acting could've been a bit more emotional (or maybe I'm just not in the hyper mood right now) but overall it was great. I remember playing this game for a long time, but this tale just flies by. Nice work!


No matter how many times I've seen this, it's still funny!
YOU FIGHT LIKE A SUPER COW! That's my favorite part. Also, Fester's moustache.
Silly Otis.

Superb... Utterly superb... And very true to the game storyline - having just played MI through again for probably the 50th time, I feel like watching this was the 51st. In fact next time I feel the need to run through the game again, I may just watch this instead!