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Grey Mushrooms: Part 4

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When I first got Flash I started experimenting with sprites like many people, and I made series. I felt my abilitities outgrew my work during production of the fourth part, so I stopped and haven't done a sprite animation since.

I present this, to show anyone who still cares where I was going with it, and to show off a nice little minigame I made which has more effort put into it than the movie itself. The movie is unfinished but the game is endless and considerably complete. Enjoy them both if you can.


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movie sucked, minigame RULED

well the minigame was 8 of those stars, the movie was 1.
that minigame could be a real frontpager if you make aa whole game of it and add the fallowing:
multiple thwomps
autofire cannons
com controlled other toad
an ending
save function (saving your game)
the special abilities, for example, being able to shoot lightning at random screen zones
add these and it might just be a hit game!

that was a little tooooooo short!

i only rate this a 9 cause of the minigame. i got hooked on to it for a while. i got like biggest combo was 67 not too bad but the thwomp sucked. u buy it once it never leaves or gets bigger or u cant buy another one. but yea i stoped playing once it had no meaning. cause the catsle got no bigger. i put in like over 30k in to the catstle at the same time. then tried puting a lil bit each round but noithiung of the castle improved. so yea it got boring after there was no reason to play. thx though.


this 1s boring, but the video game is good, just to long


" she just says that to keep you out of her underwear drawer"

lol i gotta admit that made my day. and about when he mentioned peaches first time lol. "mention that again ill rip out your spores and shove them up your probiscus" lol.
dude u have a talent for makin people laugh :P
well keep at it ill b in the area and ill rate your movies if ur luckey :P

Movie not as good but...

Movie didn't have the spark that your other movies seemed to have but i still enjoyed it.
The princess peach being marios fisrt and the way mario went off... pure genious.
Played that game to level 16 before getting bored enough to leave it playing by itself.
Thge Thwomp kept me alive till level 19 so i didn't do too bad.
Keep up the good work - hope to see more of a movie next time - was way too short.