Wiggi Fire Mission

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This is my entry for the Wiggi World Competition.
(http://www.wiggiworld.co m/contest/)
Using your mouse guide Fireman Fredwigg through burning mazes to rescue trapped Wiggis.

Feel free to give feedback, thanks.

EDIT: Someone is fully voting 0 on this each day. That is preetty damn lame. The contest isn't even judged by NG you know. Get something better to do :S

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Pretty decent game.

My only problem with the game is that it was too challenging for a kid.

Even I couldn't finish the game, and I'm rather good at games.
maybe a few more seconds would be better... maybe 15 seconds...

Otherwise fun.

Banjax responds:

One reason I made the game get quite hard is because it is for kids aged 5 to 12 which is quite a large age group. I wanted to cater for as many as possible. Besides, I don't know about you, but I was better at games when I was younger. Kids can learn things much faster than adults you see.
I tested it with a few kids. They who all got it with a bit of practise.

Thanks for the feedback though!! :)

Good graphics, creative ideas...

This is a very solid game. A lot of levels, and quite a lot of variety. I liked the moving elevator/platform kind of elements, and the darkening of the screen. I thought those were particularly creative.

I'd say I hope you win... but I've got a submission in as well, and so I think I'm going to keep quiet on that score...

this was soo cool and fun!

but ya like people said before you should make the guy walk and mabye get a fire hose pickup that lets you make a path that only lasts for mabey like 5 seconds that would be cool

overall very nice game and good job!!!

Banjax responds:

Yeah I did think about that actually, it would have been cool. Either that or bonus rounds along those lines. Sadly I needed to finish it quickly so didn't get the chance.
Thanks very much :)


It'd be better if the character walked, & you'd lose if you clicked the mouse button.

Banjax responds:

The clicking is disabled to prevent cheating. The game is meant for a site where points are earnt so I was forced to do it really.
I originally had a walking character, but became a bit too complex and lag is a bit of an issue with a canvas as large as this. Form follows Function afterall.

Good for Kids

Good game for kids, good luck with the contest.

Banjax responds:

Thanks :)

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3.00 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2007
12:58 AM EDT
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