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Harry Freaking Potter

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As of today at 12:01 last midnight, millions of fans recieved their copies of the 7th and final book in the famous Harry Potter series. I was one of them, and, to tell you the truth, I wasn't very impressed with the brief, rather shoddy ending Rowling slapped on to cap the saga, and I express my views and summarize it in this brief, rather shoddy flash!

I guess you could call these spoilers. Don't watch if you don't want the ending (in a way) to be spoiled for you.

Music Credits:
-Carmina-Bruana O-Fortuna by Oriff
-One-Winged Angel, GameBoy version By xBrav
-Sound effects from Flashkit.com

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You're right! It was a little disappointing, especially if you were reading it since you were a kid like I did. But this video was funny!!!! Even though, I don't think it was the last book. If you read all the way to the back of the book, including the preview chapter, it starts a new story about Harry and Ginny's kids.


i was extremely dissapointed with the ending too i like this videos version xD its funny


before i got an account i watched this 18 times! (im not exagerating i acutally counted 18). Nice work!


Well, i thought the whole, spell bouncing off harry was pretty good (In the books) but it was confusing. The one thing in the book I hated though was the epilouge. Ugh. anyways, great vid, I loved the ending where Harry just stands there then falls over.


haha, lol @ harry pottter