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This is my submission for the WiggiWorld Contest, hope you like it!
The exit buttons are only supposed to work on the WiggiWorld website.

Thanks for playing,

-- Fatal


Decent, BUT! (Don't you hate the "BUT"?)

Controls suck. AND it's as if the game is meant for you to lose;
The water never comes fast enough.
And no pause button :(
(Not saying i can do better myself but... yea... kids might not be able to play this game TOO well.

Good choice of music though. ParagonX9 Rul3z

Good game overall. I'll give it 6 stars and 3/5.. Happy :)?


make a pause feature next time..If you had one i didnt see it..I cant stand it when i cant pause a game..when i play games at work and i have to help a customer i end up dieing...and losing all my hard work


I was going 2000 kilometers at one point!! this isnt a good lesson for little kids! I mean ur showing like a motorcycle going 300 miles per hour. Also this is for like kids my age, 12.

Pretty neat... kinda buggy

I liked the concept... but I ran into a bug when I played more than once. The first time I died, I restarted, and everything was okay. I died again, and noticed that, even though I had been playing a while and should have probably racked up quite a high score, my score on the end screen didn't appear. It just said "Score: [blank]". I noticed that the screen was also tilted a little less than 45 degrees... and I couldn't remember whether it was that way the first time I died or not. Then this is where it went a bit more haywire. When I selected to "Retry", the menu was also tilted that same angle... and when I started the game, it too was tilted, including my health and water bars and everything. My guess is that you tilted the game clip for effect at one point, and then don't undo it with a certain path taken via the buttons/menus.

Nice concept, some execution flaws.

Like everyone else is saying, getting stuck in the rocks sucks. What you want is a "projection" collision/reaction system instead of the simple hittest/deflection model you seem to be using. Also, I don't like the invisible wall of certian death just to the right of the town. Especially with the more powerful jet upgrades, when I'm coming in hot I need to be able to swing around in a wide arc, dodging cacti, and spiral in towards my goal.

Personally, I liked the music. The game doesn't last long enough for it to get too annoying, and it's a damn sight better than the 5 second atonal piano music MP3s they give you by default.

Some buildings around the well, and some wiggis who cheer when you deposit your water would be nice cosmetic additions.

And I agree that the arrow should point towards the fullest oasis. Weighted arrows that show the relative depth of each oasis would be nice, but trickier to program, and maybe a bit too complex for a 5 year old to read.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2007
8:18 PM EDT
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