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Retromania 1985

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Take your custom made spaceship and return to 1985 to defeat all the bosses!

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Very Cool,

The game is really cool, I kid you not. The Customization is really cool, although quite confusing. The gameset is similiar to all other air shooting games that require a boss. You should add more special weapons. There should also be a button "Reset" to reset your customized ship. This also needs a Pause Button, some SFX, & Music. The stages are cool especially the bosses with the different looking features of each one of them.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5


Great game, I just managed to scrape my way into the top fifty. To make this game better I think you should just have to hold down left click to get it to rapid fire.

So much potential..

This game shows a lot of promise..

Making a custom spacecraft is totally awesome.. except that it has no significant effect on gameplay. The game would be way cooler if it did. Could the player get those multiple part spaceships like the bosses?

Bosses with multiple hitpoints were pretty cool.. except that successive bosses didn't actually become more powerful.

Having a scrolling, dynamic tunnel is neat - except that the tunnel doesn't get thinner over time, it doesn't scroll faster as time goes on, and it doesn't hurt to crash into it.

Also, I'm not a fan of having unlimited shooting ability. By clicking my mouse and my keyboard's mouse button at the same time, I can get totally crazy bullet counts with the normal gun. If you want to do a retro theme, the usual way that old games handled that was to allow the player to only have some certain number of bullets on the screen at once.

Decent job, overall. If you go through the extra effort to cash in on some of this potential, you could easily have a 4+ game here.

This is amazing

i really like how youc an create your ship and then play such an addictive shooter game. Nice gameplay. Music was a nice add-on. Great use of sound fx. You did very well with this.


Great stuff. I love the idea of a Create-a-ship. Good music, and the boss battles were fun. I really liked being able to shoot off some of their parts. Once again, very well done.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2007
7:48 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place July 22, 2007