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Try to follow the ball with your spot light. The better you follow the more gold you get. More gold means more upgrades, but you also need a minimum amount of gold to pass to the next level. Keep track of the shadow to see if you are following the ball perfectly. Note that the beginning is pretty easy, but as you advance through the levels the ball moves a lot faster and it will therefore become a lot harder to keep up with the ball. Have fun!

NOTE: I had some problems using preloaders in flash 9. In order to make the game more stable I removed the preloader, so please be patient if your connection is a bit slow.

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Nice idea for a game, and not at all as easy as it seems to be at the start. The ball constantly moves in unexpected directions, all over the place, and keeping up with it's a real challenge. I like the shadow/lighting effects on the ball. It's a simple idea, but stylish and entertaining. Nice work!


very nice game

that was a pretty nice game. it has a simple concept to it.. and at first seems quite easy, but this was actually a litlte complex and it had a very nice challenge to it. once i really got the hang of this game here, then it also became quite addicting as well... found myself playing this one for quite a while.
good work.

interesting concept, Wii suited

i enjoyed playing this game. it's nerve calming. i could see this as a mini game for the Wii. as far as i know, this is a new idea. for newgrounds, however, the game could do with some powerups or level variation, and actually probably both. it also occured to me that this AS could be used in a mini-game part of a larger game...i'm gonna go off track here a bit, but it might give you some ideas: it'd be a detective game and this AS could probably be applied to some sort of interigation scenario. the guy's head would be all moving around and you'd have to keep the light on him. haha.

anyway, this was fun. thank you.


This was a very professional submission, keep up the good work!

When I got up to 500+ gold the ball didn't move because I had it up so high, and by the time I have 1000+ gold I couldn't loose because of the size of my spotlight.

I suggest you try a different style or add more features to this.


i couldnt get to 100 gold with that time even if i had the spotlight on it all the time!!
Maybe if you had get 50 gold then 60 then 70..etc and than an upgrade of faster gold time..

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2.88 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2007
6:56 PM EDT
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