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Simple Recipes Ep. 1

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Author Comments

Have you ever been surfing Newgrounds, blamming and protecting, posting, spamming, it sure does get up to be a lot of work and can lead to extreme hunger. So instead of going and grabbing yourself a bag of chips or something, we have put together a recipe of what WE ate, and how you can make it yourself to keep you going hard ! Better yet, it only takes you about 10mins. to make so enjoy!



More recipes coming soon!

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you said it takes 10 mins, but it takes me more than 10 mins to go to mcdonalds and get a cheeseburger...

and anyway, the layout and everything didnt look that great either, the 'next' button wasn't even in the same place on each frame and the plain white background was boring, not to mention the rubbish spelling. to be honest i'm surprised this didnt get blammed straight away. maybe if you learned to spell and snazzed it up a bit, you might have a half decent flash here, but for now, it needs ALOT of work.

SpeedMetalSandwich responds:

Spelling? i don't remember if anything was wrong with it, but who cares. WHY this didn't get blammed was because it was creative. Not once did i say the recipe time included getting your materials together either.

Good to see your being honest though, i like that in a review.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
This has to be one of the strangest pieces of food I've ever imagined. It's got some weird ingredients that probably aren't too convenient, but if I had them I would give it a try.

^^Needs Improving^^
Not that it's a bit deal, but you say you need a cheeseburger...which doesn't make sense, as I would just eat that instead. But anyway, compress your music a bit and maybe add something more graphically interesting.

SpeedMetalSandwich responds:

The cheeseburger is so you can prepare it really quickly, rather then cook your meat taking time...

Thanks for the helpful review though!

Cool idea, but not much as a flash

I liked your music choice. Your idea with this flash was pretty interesting, I can't see how pizzas and chesseburgers aren't good =)

The bad thing about this was that there was no pictures or animation. It was overall boring because of the black text and white background.


~Review Request Club~

SpeedMetalSandwich responds:

The appearance will be changed in the next flash. Thank you for your kind review and support. Cheers mate.

Pics would certainly help

This is an interesting recipie. I'm trying to work out this 'vertical line' technique of the application of the ingredients.

A picture for each step which moved, showing any particular actions needed would be useful, so that you can give us the best advisce of how to do these things. A Back button would be good, just in case people do skip over, as would the replay button, but you told us about these already. Please give us a mute button in future productions, as the music is not my thing.

I might have to make this pizza snack thing at some point.

[Review Request Club]

SpeedMetalSandwich responds:

Cheers for the helpful review man, the next recipe will be a lot better, pictures will be added and maybe a different selection of music. And a mute button.

pretty good

this is a good flash but it could use some pics,and some flash.other than that it was pretty good.

SpeedMetalSandwich responds:

Will do, as i write this review im pretty sick, so im not up for playing around with flash, but im taking the reviews and getting ideas. Cheers man.

Credits & Info

1.87 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2007
9:39 AM EDT