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First things first, whether this gets blammed or not, my main purpose is to gain feedback. So I would REALLY appreciate if people could leave me some comments on what they actually think.

OK, I have been trying to learn and add on to my Flash knowledge for the past few months in and around my work hours. So this flash isn't anything amazing (but I do feel I am getting better by the day). Hopefully with suggestions from you guys I can boost my animation skills by a lot and give you something good to watch later on. Yes, ELK Fables is something I intend to turn into a series (explanation below). It involves using mine (British) and a few friends (American, Canadian, etc) voices. So really I need tips as to not let them down =P

OK, ELK Fables is basically about a selection of people who all know each other one way or another. Upon connecting two crystals, these friends end up getting whisked away to another world. There job is regain the rest of the crystals and travel between worlds. These worlds could be anything from Pokémon, an alternate earth where the French rule, Starwars, candy world, etc. It will hopefully be funny with some good action scenes in.

Song: Unexpected Encounter - Sonic Team
Voice: Alex (one of my friends)
Pomémon is a trademark of Nintendo

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cant say anything about the plot so

the animation wherent that good but 100% ok

Nice animating

I like this flash alot
I cant think of anything critical to say that hasent already been said.
So keep up the good work.Cant wait for the real thing.

Nice Work

Since i am a fan of your AUDIO, i am giving you a good review,which means that i liked it a lot....even though it was like 45 seconds long..

A nice teaser

I'd have quite a lot to say, but after reading a lot of the reviews, I'd say you've got some good tips already. Keep working on it and good luck to you - I know Flash can be complicated to learn to begin with.

Dark-Frando responds:

thank you, and as a rookie I can only thank those that have tried to help. I also appreciate you checking my previous comments just so you weren't repeating what other people are saying =D

Again, I appreciate the review and I thank you =)

wait for it

yeah... you look like you could have some possiblilty with doing well with flash. You have potential as an animator/
yet this teaser just looks odd. and pikachu? elks? whats going on? And can you be a little less anime-ish. Its overrated, overused and just plain over. Be unique. But all in all you have potential to make it here... so keep trying and make something bigger and better =)

Dark-Frando responds:

thank you, I hope to extend my animation talents as I progress through this series.

ELK actually stands for something that is revealed during the animation. To tell you here would ruin part of the story for you. The Anime style of drawing the people is my best way of drawing people, so my apologize if they get on your nerve. However if I try and draw them differently it would just be a strain to me and my animation.

With support of people behind me and them urging me on to continue the series, I will keep pushing myself to better myself until I am giving it my all =) thanks for commenting mate.

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2.24 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2007
3:06 AM EDT
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