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Resident Evil 4: RGNR8RS

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A short film about Regenerators, and how annoying they are.

PS, if you were also scared shitless by the bag in the dumpster, please say so in your review, if you leave one!

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Heys stoned?

Iron Maidens

I think even though there were only three Iron Maidens in the game they were worse. They were the same as a Regenrator except they rammed you into their spikes!!

The animation here was quite nice and very enjoyable as well so good work there too. The bag when I first saw it creeped me out. I used the thermal scope on it and it appeared to still be very warm too. Also creepy how the adults ate thier kids apparently, how sickenigly sad.

The audio here was great and funny. I wish they would do that in the game instead of just following you everywhere. Zooming in on their eyes the irises are just going everywhere in their eyes scarily enough.

Overall, great parody.


I will forever in my entire life hate regenerators.... but blowing up thier ****ing heads off is fun!


The bag wasent scary but when i shot it i went 2 save and when i did right when i tured around the regenrator that was in the cell was right in front of me and i when UGHHHHHHH dead i gess that the sound must have trigerd him to hunt me down D:

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4.54 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2007
5:02 PM EDT