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TRACER episode 1

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Please watch the TRACER prequel first. :-)

This series follows an ex soldier on his brutal quest to find his long lost wife.
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Hey man, I hope you're having a good life, thanks for the inspiration all these years!

Still no ep 2. i watched this waaaaay back in the day hoping that a second would be out one day. Damn i need to know whats gonna happen!!

Took me ages to find this again, up until i found it again after 10 years i thought this was just a nightmare i had once

I've seen a lot of animations, but TRACER so far has the best one. The amount of work that must have been put into this must be astonishing.

Woah, this was pretty intense. Love the play with shadow and light, how his eyes seem to shine menacingly. The train slowls down, the anticipation grows... and then it all begins. Looking forward to the next episode! Reminds me a bit of Matrix btw, that with the phones and stuff. Great work!