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Well, since the movie is embedded over this when you click watch this movie, I will merely say this:



good movie

but i wish you added a plot to it but still the movie was sweet!

Jovatov responds:

Well thanks, I'm just wondering though.... Why the 0?

Colorful, Creative, Entertaining, Not bad.

It's colorful, creative, entertaining, but what's the point, I'm not saying I didn't like it, it was fairly entertaining but there's really no point, not bad though. It still held my attention which is not bad considering all it is, is a song, lines, colors and basically randomness. However could've put more time into it to make better looking animation and just a better quality. It would make a good screensaver ;)

Jovatov responds:

Yes, the fact that there really isn't much to it but randomness is a weak point. However it still was entertaining which was the whole purpose of the movie, to be entertaining.

Don't really like it.

I didn't really like it. The animation was mediocre and it wasn't synced with the sound very well or at all.

Jovatov responds:

Hmm, yeah I guess that I really didn't pay attention to the sound really, more of just random squiggly things.

Quite random

But still a pretty good "movie". Maybe you should try to make a storyline and some characters for your next one(s)?
I gave you a protection point.

Jovatov responds:

Well random was the idea, I have some unfinished 'story' movies on my comp. But finishing is the real problem, maybe... one day...

Anyways, thanks for the protection point.


very good fbf. Add more detail

Jovatov responds:

But that takes longer to make.... :(

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2.70 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2007
3:09 AM EDT