Sonic Advance Crackups

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At long last, the final chapter in the Sonic Oddball Crackups trilogy is here, now using the Sonic Advance sprites. This set includes a whopping 25 shorts, and, for the first time ever, Shadow the Hedgehog joins in on the fun.

Enjoy this, because this is the last one I'm doing.

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Eh... to bad wordsy.

Favorites are 1 Sonic is William Shanter part 2. 2 Mickeyus Prime vs MegaSonic. 3 Knuckles gets his just desserts! 4 Tails the moron! 5 Pimping ain't Knuckles. 6 Sneak peak at the Olympic games. 7 Supa-hyped up Knuckles! 8 A heros sacrafice. and 9 Sonic is William Shanter part 3.

It's great to have such a wonderful conclusion to such a great series! It was so funny to hear Cream say, "I'm such a little bunny!" over and over. The sprite work was so good. Yeah, I'll never get tired of those. I wasn't expecting Wakko to appear. Crossovers are always cool.

I don't know why you changed the name. William Shatner and no audio of Rocket Man? What a letdown! Mario and Sonic have been in so many Olympic games now. I think Cream the Rabbit is some dirty euphemism.

Five stars!

My most fave out of all of them would be Sonic as William Shatner 2

my favorite parts:1. running into a trap! 2.monster exterminator! 3.mickeyus prime vs megasonic 4.sonic vs shadow 5.amy rose vs the monster 6.you're gonna fall, sonic! 7.sonic is william shatner part 3

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Jul 18, 2007
10:55 PM EDT
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