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Sonic Advance Crackups

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At long last, the final chapter in the Sonic Oddball Crackups trilogy is here, now using the Sonic Advance sprites. This set includes a whopping 25 shorts, and, for the first time ever, Shadow the Hedgehog joins in on the fun.

Enjoy this, because this is the last one I'm doing.

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i always laughed at the knuckles and shadow interaction just that high pitched ohh shit always got me

WHY DID YOU BEAT UP CREAM?! SHE DID NOTHING TO YOU! Also why did you choose Wakko Warner over Dot Warner?

Eh... to bad wordsy.

Favorites are 1 Sonic is William Shanter part 2. 2 Mickeyus Prime vs MegaSonic. 3 Knuckles gets his just desserts! 4 Tails the moron! 5 Pimping ain't Knuckles. 6 Sneak peak at the Olympic games. 7 Supa-hyped up Knuckles! 8 A heros sacrafice. and 9 Sonic is William Shanter part 3.

It's great to have such a wonderful conclusion to such a great series! It was so funny to hear Cream say, "I'm such a little bunny!" over and over. The sprite work was so good. Yeah, I'll never get tired of those. I wasn't expecting Wakko to appear. Crossovers are always cool.

I don't know why you changed the name. William Shatner and no audio of Rocket Man? What a letdown! Mario and Sonic have been in so many Olympic games now. I think Cream the Rabbit is some dirty euphemism.