Wiggi Trash PickerUpper

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This is supposed to be a little kids game, so vote fairly. It is actuall pretty fun if I dare say so myself. :D


(title in work)

Not a bad game at all. It has a simple concept to it, and gets progressively harder as you go. Putting the trash in the bin adds a lot of difficulty to this as well. I loved the music, but it's not something I would expect to find in a kids game. I would have liked to see some more friction added to this. With so little friction it's quite hard to put the trash in the bin without missing at least one piece of trash.

Dont mind the other reveiws

I think this is pretty great for a kids game, although making it slightly easer might be a good thing to do, after all it will be little kids with horrible reaction times that will end up playing this.

A few things you should consider adding would be some in game sound effects and perhaps even a short animation when the character puts the trash in the bin among a few other smaller details that will do some for enhancing the game overall.

All in all, this is good for the target audience so good work

From the mouth of a kid

My kid brother says it sucks. He said it was too hard, and stupid. :)

Actually kinda tough...

I finally got my submission submitted, and thought I'd take a look at some of the others...

The speed of the trash falling seemed to ramp up pretty quickly. it got tough fast to dump the trash when needed and get back to catching the pieces. Also, without levels or clear breaks in the action where something different happens, it is hard to feel as though there is a definitive point to the game.

P.S. That pirate should be seriously fined.


I liked the physics of the running, though the speed of garbage dropping might have been a bit fast for, say, a five-year-old on Wiggi World. Otherwise, I loved the graphics and though you did a very respectable job with the pirate wiggi's AI. Good work also holding true to Wiggi World's mission to teach kids the RIGHT thing to do.

Well done! 5/5 from me

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3.32 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2007
2:39 AM EDT
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