Blaze of Desire

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Author Comments

I felt guilty for just having this lame gamecontest joke entry up, so I decided to add this old Warcraft themed flash I made like... long ago. (Yes, I played WoW. Yes, I am ashamed. Yeah, it's over!)

This clip has never really gotten around, and even though it's nothing like my current style I'd really like to see how this is liked. Long live the Portal! :D

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Wow parody? Never played the game so... maybe I don't get it. I was expecting the fiery flame of desire to do the carnage, or... something else (considering this is rated mature) but that never really happened. Good animation, good music, but a rather plotless end. Keep it going tho!


good one

that was a pretty nice animation. i liked the WoW theme to this one, it was quite nice... even though WoW is old now, but it was still cool. i like the graphics and the audio in this one, they were both nice, had some cool action in it, good entertainment and you put a pretty nice efforts into this one.
nice work.


The characters looked like they were out of an old game.. but not bad.

I have no idea what was going on though..?
She was playing with fire, it ran away, she died, and some guy said something.

..What'd he/it say?

bukKkk responds:

It kinda utilizes the fact that in the warcraft universe, demonic or evil entities cast a green kind of fire called "felfire". Normal magicians cast normal red fire. What he says is "Felfire, bitch!"


Not much to see, short, but cute! Good animation.

A 7 for good animation and being fun.

In this short animation, a firerly blaze is the object of desire for many a people. I have to say that I really love your animation style. The look of your chararcters is terrific! They are simplistic in nature, with minimal movements, but doggoneit if they are'nt just really cute and abstract. I liked your use of sound effects and felt that they added to the movie quite well. Its a bit short in context and plot, but it shows that you have a lot of promise. I would like to see longer flash from you in the future. Good work in your first effort, I will look forward to your future work.


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3.78 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2007
10:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Original