Story of Life II

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10 minute "slideshow-like" presentation.

Who are you? What is your identity and your purpose? Are you alive or dead? Watch this presentation and learn the story of life(part 2). Be blessed.

note: you must do a little reading and clicking to watch this movie. You may need to adjust the quality to medium if your pc lags. Please be patient while waiting for the load screen to start and then finish.

There is a 10 minute questionaire-like game at the end.

Also let it be known that this project is created by an anti-religious person. I am indeed a follower of Yeshua or Jesus and I am a citizen of the "kingdom" of my father, God. Should this movie impact you and cause you to enter the kingdom of God, be blessed and welcome to eternal life. Should this movie cause you to stumble or join a religion, good luck figuring this out the hard way. ^_^


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The description of hell,
kinda scared me...
My Religion is Catholic by the way...


It's kind of repeticious

Yea this submission mostly consists of people's heads just scrolling accross and up and down the screen. Not sure of the purpose of this but it kind of made you sit there and think what was going on.

J-Mar responds:

You obviously have a slow connection so after you got past the first loading screen you still had to wait after the second loading screen of scrolling faces. With a little patience and wisdom you would have gotten to the start button which is where you would begin the 10 minute flash described to you in the description box.^_^


It felt alot more like you were trying to convert me into your religion then giving a "story of life". i didnt do the questionare because i was to bored by the end of it. i guess since it was a slideshow many of the pictures werent badly drawn but i want animation :D. atleast some animation if i am having to read through 10 minutes of this preaching. it also felt like alot longer then 10 minutes.

J-Mar responds:

I am afraid you were mistaken in the intent of this flash. This flash was created to infrom you of information concerning the history of life on this planet. I tried to make the pictures interesting but this movie isnt made to entertain you or serve your desire for animation. 10 minutes of your time to inform you on the kingdom of God isnt much of a sermon...nor is it a call to tradition of religion...but I hope you were indeed informed with seed of the relationship God seeks with you.


I think it's cool how hell is going to be like a filler episode of "Dragonball Z".

P.S. Don't proselytize here.

J-Mar responds:

You can doubt the description of hell by a man who says he's been there yet you have much faith that if the place exists you are not surely on your way to eternally remaining there? Is that wisdom or folly? You decide...but if you chose wisdom you would simply seek God by humbling yourself and asking Him to reveal Himself in a dream before you went to sleep. But you are not humble and do not want Him to be real and will not follow these simple steps and thus choose folly. As the Lord said, "Many walk the road that leads to death but few find the narrow road that leads to life."

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2.38 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2007
7:02 PM EDT
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